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Cape Town's most

Dynamic and Personalised

Chef School

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About our school

Cape Town is synonymous with fine cuisine and passionate chefs. Chef Peter Ayub is the Owner and Head Chef of the Sense of Taste Chef School. Chef Byron Thebus is the Sous Chef and an exceptional Chef who works alongside Chef Peter daily. The ethos is very personable with strategic focus on each student. Only 16 to 20 students are accepted. Students are nurtured in a safe and professional environment. The most important criteria for a new student, wanting to apply at the Sense of Taste Chef School, is to have an absolute love and passion for food! The rest Chef Peter, Chef Byron and Principal Debbie will teach the students.


”We have established our reputation as Cape Town’s most dynamic and personalized chef school and by enrolling with the Sense of Taste Chef School, you will be equipped with the essential skills, passion, and confidence to build a successful career in the Food Industry once you graduate. “ Chef Peter Ayub


The global food industry is exploding and there are so many incredible opportunities available from becoming a Chef, to food journalism, food photography, recipe development, food styling, private catering, celebration cake making, and list goes on. Statistics say that by 2028, one in three jobs globally will be food and hospitality related. Once graduated you are guaranteed of finding a job in this exciting industry! Our graduated students are working all over South Africa at highly acclaimed establishments, as well as internationally in places such as Seychelles, Germany, UK, Ireland, Dubai, France and on Private Super Yachts.

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Our Mission

At the Sense of Taste Chef School, our mission is to work towards providing the highest standard-setting training to deserving young culinary students and becoming the best renowned and highest regarded cooking school in Africa by delivering the best new, professionally trained culinary individuals into the Food industry. We believe that through acting in accordance with the principle of leading by example we will instill the standards in our students, which surpass local and international expectations. We hope to inspire great achievements through our trained students in a respectful, close-knit, and nurturing environment.

Our Courses

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1 Year Advanced Certificate in Classic Cookery, Baking and Food Preparation

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2 year Diploma: Professional Chef

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13 Mondays

15h30 to 20h00

Kitchen Assistant Certificate